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Pilot Spotliter Highlighter - Assorted Colours

RM 3.00
The Spotliter features a durable chisel point that allows for consistent wide or fine strokes, perfect for highlighting or underlining text. You know those highlighters that become squished and furry after too much use? Spotliters don't have that problem, and they'll give you the same clean lines from start to finish. Plus, the barrel has an ink window that allows the meticulous to monitor levels of the Spotliter's liquid ink.
  • Suitable for carbonised paper, fax paper & inkjet paper. 
  • Advanced ink feed system delivers a consistent smooth color stroke.
  • The durable chisel point consistently allows wide and fine strokes for underlining or highlighting text. 
  • Tip won’t dry out even if the cap is left off. 
  • Available in Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Violet, Yellow