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OLFA A-1 Standard Duty Cutter

RM 17.90

Olfa Standard Duty Cutter - A-1

The longtime seller “A” has been fully remodelled and now called “A-1”. Quality and precision at your finger tips, Multi purpose model, can be used right or left-handed use. 

With just firm finger pressure, you can open and close the knife thanks to its snap-fit closure. Snapping the blade is easy, the knife has a built-in blade snapper tool.

The thin-model cutter, featuring a full-scale pocket-clip/blade snapper and carbon-like engraving on handle, fits hands and pockets perfectly.

Thanks to its special fine control Auto-Lock slider, the sharp angle SAB/DKB blades are its official spare blades along with the standard AB/ABB blades.

Use the knife to cut through:

Packaging, shrink wrap, vinyl, window film, wallpaper, tape, cardboard, paper, fabrics, textiles, Hessian, jute cloth, calico, leatherette, PVC, car wrap, clear PVC caulking, foam board and other materials. 

Knife Features

  • Blade slide-lock mechanism 
  • High-impact ABS plastic body/handle
  • Stainless steel blade channel
  • No tool blade change
  • Preloaded with blade (AB 9mm blade)
  • Silver snap-off blade Pocket clip and blade snapper
  • For both left- and right-handed users