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SONO-ROLL 76mm 2 Ply NCR (White/Yellow) X 10 rolls

RM 40.00

  • 76mm width x 65 diameter x 12 core
  • Clear, clean & sharp image printout
  • Tight tension to give more paper length on each roll
  • All paper rolls are packed in transparent shrink wrap for easy viewing of the roll & core diameter and also to protect the rolls from moisture, water & dust
  • Non-carbon 
  • Required for POS System, Cash Register Receipt Printer

Our Non Carbon Required (NCR paper), also called Carbonless paper products are designed to deliver multiple copies from transaction dot matrix printers while minimising user’s operational cost. Multiply copies of NCR paper are available in white, yellow, pink, blue, green and the exclusive gold colour. 1st ply 80gsm thicker paper is also available, it gives consumer a better feel. 

Available in several sizes, our NCR paper provides clear, clean and sharp image printout for all the carbonise copies. Black image also available upon request. 

The free end roll of our NCR paper make sure the paper end is not glued to the core, hence eliminate the damage to the print head and minimising printer’s maintenance cost.