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MKP Electronic Checkwriter CP-310

RM 319.00

  • Easy to operate
  • Multi currency codes - 15 different codes
  • LCD display up to 14 digits
  • Repeat printing
  • Build in calculator
  • 'Backspace' key for easy correction of wrongly entered figures
  • Forgery resistant
  • Password protection to prevent unauthorised usage

- Fast and accurate input using keyboard
- LCD display for clearness without mistakes
- Clear embossed figures and special ink impossible to forge or falsify
- Number of checks issued and total amount can be on memory and display
- Same amount can be printed out repeatedly
- Position for typing on the check can be adjusted
- Can be used as calculator; calculation can be printed out immediately
- Memory store and password function
- Different check mode and currency selecting by the keyboard
- 14 digits LCD display for clearness and accuracy

Power Supply : 200v, 50hz

Dimension : 245 x 185 x 118mm

Gross Weight : 2.2kg